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We help you make beautiful memories with flowers

We have always loved beautiful things. Sensuous scents, decadent fabrics, luxurious accents. Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, if we could build our appreciation of beauty into our business, and share it with the world? Our dream started with that question. Our answer, Beaucoup London, tumbled into reality in a matter of months.

It fast became apparent that flowers would be the best way to express our vision. To us, flowers embody beauty. Their beauty comes as much from their ephemeral, fleeting nature as it does from their delicate aesthetic. Their beauty, too, lies in their lovely impracticality. How wonderful it is to give a gift, or receive one, that exists for its own sake. Perfect, magical, lovely luxury.

Beaucoup is French–a romance language. It translates to “a lot,” “many.” With our bouquets, we want to give you the chance to say how much you think about someone, care about them, and love them. We want our flowers to help you and your loved ones express the full emotion of your moment in time, and to transition that special moment into an extraordinary memory, one worth savouring.

Truly beautiful things take attention and care. Beaucoup London flowers are a product of our commitment to–obsession with–the finest things. The foundation of this commitment, of course, appears in high quality flowers. But there is so much more. Each bouquet is transformed into an elegant accessory through truly thoughtful details: hot-stamped satin ribbons, pistachio gift bags, delicate crepe tissue paper, handwritten notes. The final product is so much more than a bouquet of flowers. It is a creation. It is an experience for us to make, and–we hope–an experience for you to give.

The world is a beautiful place, and we are grateful to be doing our part to make it sparkle a little bit more. As we write this next chapter, we want to thank you for being a part of our story.