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Our Story

Beaucoup London beginnings 
 Founded by two sisters with a deep appreciation for elegance and grace, inspired by nature.

Situated in the heart of London’s exclusive Chelsea neighbourhood, our studio houses a team of skilled florists dedicated to crafting artisanal arrangements for discerning clientele.  

We believe in finding romance in the everyday and beauty of beaucoup—the French term “many”—or, in other words, abundance, which is why we design poetic bouquets to express everything you desire to say to or show your recipient. And despite the ephemeral nature of flowers, Beaucoup London blooms are designed to leave a lasting impression—a memory to be cherished forever.

With quality at the fore, we hand-select only the finest seasonal stems from trusted growers to create beyond-beautiful bouquets. Each arrangement is hand-tied with luxuriously hot-stamped satin ribbon, wrapped in delicate crepe paper and with scribed personalised notes nestled among each bunch, ready to deliver to recipients with the utmost care. 

Rooted in honouring all things beautiful 
Our raison d'être is to help you create everlasting memories through the exquisite beauty of flowers.

We’ve always been captivated by the allure of luxurious things—a sublime sight, a heavenly scent, a caressing texture, or anything that brings our senses to delight. And for as long as we can remember, we’ve found our natural world a treasure trove of such luxury

To us, flowers epitomise these treasures: they are our muse. Their graceful stems, vibrant colours, delicate details and distinctive varieties paint beauty in all forms; they fill the air surrounding them with sweet notes and heady aromas; their soft and velvety petals have the power to entice. 

But beyond all their physical attributes, it’s their ability to evoke emotions deep and vast, from joy to love to sympathy to reverence. They can serve as a token of appreciation and awaken memories. They are a symbol of resilience and adaptability. They invite us to slow down, connect with nature and have a profoundly soothing effect on emotional states. And to us, they provide an endless source of inspiration.

 Our difference
The preferred florist of high-profile clientele.

We favour exceptional over quotidian in everything we do, so we pour our efforts into the meticulous care of every bloom, marrying stems to create couture floral designs that exude a sense of wonder. 

Our commitment to providing a luxury experience extends from the moment our clients place their order to the moment the bouquet is received, ensuring unparalleled service from start to finish. And as such, we are honoured to have earned the trust of high-profile clients who want to deliver nothing short of the best, most refined arrangements in the country.